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The quickest and the fastest changing tool holder is the VDI 40 tool holder system where the tool holder is mounted inside the tool disc. The methodology in the change system is easy and rapid using the traditional block system. The holder comes with the need of the client’s specification and is manufactured with the same accordance. The holder gets to be harder or loosely held as per the need. The holders available are of different sizes, ranging from 20mm to 80mm for the purpose of axial and radial performances.

The VDI 40 tool holder is made of high quality components vendored from certified dealers. The complete production process of the tool holder is put under stiff quality control process. The business control of the quality check is done to meet the international standard of quality. It is a unique tool holder which is corrosion free and long lasting. They are designed to work under the sturdy situations of the industrial environment without interruption and for long period of time.


VDI 40 tool holder is manufactured using sophisticated technology, designed for accurate changing clamp system. The changing disc happens within seconds whereas in the traditional block system the tool changes the disc in minutes which is a delayed response. The tool holders are fabricated using DIN; they are modified as per requirement. It is made of hardened steel. The is ensured as per ISO standard of production with quality tool holder colored in black and the shank or the shaft is in white color, the shaft is heat absorbent.Well the color is varied as per the requirement of the client. Built on the latest advanced technology

The insistence to the VDI 40 tool holder is very high and the manufacturers are ensuring the requisition for the customers and produce the holders as per their custom. The features are very much in demand and in trade.

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