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In the engineering field, while dealing with the workpiece, a proper tool holder is required to hold the tool intact for exact execution of the work. It is important to have standardized tool holders which assure of holding the tool without any hurdles. Sphooti, one of the trusted manufacturer and supplier of many industries in the whole world, certifies that The VDI 40 Tool holder provided by them is flawless, reliable and gives maximum performance. The VDI 40 tool holders are well secured with the disc and effective provision is made for tool changing.

VDI 40 Tool Holders

VDI 40 tool Holder: Features:

The VDI 40 tool holder is made rigid and strong according to the given specification and it comes in several sizes which vary from 20mm to 80mm in the case of axial and radial operations. The VDI 40 tool holder by Sphoorti is obtained from certified vendors; however, a thorough inspection is done under the supervision of expert to certify on its quality. Only after careful examination, the VDI 40 tool holder is recommended for client’s usage. Sphoorti has always ensured to provide quality products of international standards. It is highlighted that the VDI 40 tool holders have some of the exciting features; it shows great resistance to corrosion, wear and tear. The VDI 40 tool holder has been crafted to work under the strong industrial environment without any disruption and lasts for a longer period.

It is to be noted that VDI 40 tool holder is manufactured using comprehensive and sophisticated technology. In each tool holder, inside the tool disc, a fast and accurate clamp changing system has been provided. By implementing traditional block system tool change, the entire tool changing process can be carried out within fractions of a second. The VDI 40 tool holder provided by Spoorthi is completely black in colour, however, white colour can also be provided depending on the client’s requirement.

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