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Sphoorti will be participating in ENGIMACH 2021, which is held from 1st December To 5th December at Helipad Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, in Hall 2, Stall 83A.

03Nov 2014

Mechanical Engineering being at the advanced scope since from recent years has evolved lot of modern technologies in the field of tools. For any mechanical production tools are reflected as the key products that play crucial role. At the end of the day if the industry is lacking to accommodate proper tool disc and tool […]

19Jan 2015

Sphoorti is a prime manufacturer in the machine tool Industry; here various types of tools such as disk holders, VDI 30 holders are manufactured at a decent price and ensured on the delivery of the products across. The tool holder is outlined to give accurate result and work as fast as possible. A team of […]

04Feb 2015

Sphoorti is an eminent manufacturer of VDI tool producing supreme quality VDI tool holder. They manufacture tool holders that are of super quality materials supplied from the vendors who are accredited dealer of these equipments. The remarkable features of these tool holders are the rust free property and long durable services. The holders are design […]

31May 2018

The quickest and the fastest changing tool holder is the VDI 40 tool holder system where the tool holder is mounted inside the tool disc. The methodology in the change system is easy and rapid using the traditional block system. The holder comes with the need of the client’s specification and is manufactured with the […]

15Oct 2018

Boring is one of the most frequent industrial processes. When a pre-created hole (or vent) is widened using a cutting tool, it is called boring. Generic purpose or universal machines can be used as boring tools. Higher perfection and correctness are two important parameters taken care of byBoring tool manufacturers. The level of precision determines […]

15Oct 2018

Sphoorti has become one of the best VDI Tool Holder manufacturers and feels lofty of being so. We provide excellent VDI Tool Holders meeting all our client’s specifications. Thus, our customers are free to approach us for high quality VDI Tool Holders, as we are the reliable VDI manufacturers. Our Company hires highly skilled and […]

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