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In comparison to bar feeder, the bar puller is a cost-effective alternative to enable automated turning of small and medium batch sizes of CNC lathe. It saves sufficient time between bar changes and hence allows a single technician to handle multiple operations simultaneously without much strain. Sphoorti a leading machine tool manufacturing company provides prominent service in Bar Pullers. The bar pullers are inexpensive and also require minimal setup. It does not require skilled labors to install and can be easily set up on a lathe machine.

The bar pullers are superior to bar feeders for the following reasons.

  1. The bar puller is compact. It occupies no floor space, thus making room for other facilities.
  2. It helps to gain lengthy stretches of unattended operation, thus allowing operators to handle other tasks.
  3. The bar puller by Sphoorti is easy to set up and manage.
  4. There is no electrical interface required to control the machine tool. The bar puller is portable. It is easy to move from one machine to another, depending on the requirement.
  5. The bar pullers are easier to maintain and does not involve maintenance cost. The bar puller is the cheapest and easily available.

Sphoorti believes quality and precision are two important aspects of machine tools and hence ensure to implement enhanced techniques to achieve the most satisfying outcomes.

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