Sphoorti is an eminent manufacturer of VDI tool producing supreme quality VDI tool holder. They manufacture tool holders that are of super quality materials supplied from the vendors who are accredited dealer of these equipments. The remarkable features of these tool holders are the rust free property and long durable services. The holders are design to operate in a short span under high pressure. The end product is quality assured with appropriate quality checks at each and every stage of production. They are the leading suppliers of the tool holders for the machine tool industries for a few places in the world.
VDI tool holder
The VDI tool holder system works on clamping system of the tool holder inside the tool disc that is cam operated for quick change. The block system in the tool enables the change in seconds rather than minutes of time. The pre-setter on the tool holder set away from the lathe by required adjustments. The VDI tool takes less then fifteen seconds for preset, from the changeover time. The retention system provides an accurate and speedy fix of the tools to the turret plates. The serrated round tool holder shaft located at the front or at the edge fits into the pockets of the tool, it’s notched with rigid precision and protected by locking of the tool holder. This is achieved by clamping mechanism with the help of single Allen wrench. The wedges locks safe and discretely pulls back into the surface of the turret position.
The demand to the VDI tool holder has been so high that the manufacturers are flexible in the production environment and ensure the requisitions from the customers. The products thus produced are of high quality and have the latest technology implementation for better change over time and administration. The attributes of the tool holder draw the consumers more often.

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