Cutoff Tool Holder AL


VDI 40 Tool Holder

The VDI 40 Tool Holder Systems is said to be a quick change secured systems that is good for each tool holder. This tool holder stays within the tool disc. VDI 40 Tool Holder System therefore, arranges the tool changing methodologies, which works much faster in just few minutes using the traditional block system. These tool holders are made hardened as per the client’s specification. These types of holders are found in several sizes which vary from 20mm to 80mm for the sake of axial and radial operations.

Sphoorti develops the standard quality VDI 40 Tool Holder from the certified vendors. Wherein, the complete tool holder moves via stringent quality control methodology. This process is used to meet the international standard quality. Wherein, there are some other useful features which makes this tool holder most unique and is said to be free of corrosion and is very durable. Also, such tool holder has been designed to work under the tough industrial environment without any disturbance, and lasts for longer period.

At present, the world looks for the highest productivity in a very short time-frame. And it has been advised to use this machine which uses latest technology that concentrates completely on this concept. Also, this latest tool holder stands on every side of the industrial problems, and assists them.

CODE d1 b1 b2 h1 h5 h6 l1 l2
AL20 26 20 60 30 26 28 36 44 50
AL25 26 25 60 30 26 28 36 44 50
AL30 26 30 70 35 26 32 39 44 50
AL30 32 30 70 35 32 32 39 44 50
AL40 26 40 85 42.5 26 43 41.5 44 50
AL40 32 40 85 42.5 32 43 41.5 44 50
AL50 26 50 100 50 26 43 45 44 50
AL50 32 50 100 50 32 43 45 44 50
AL60 26 60 125 62.5 26 48 55 44 50
AL60 32 60 125 62.5 32 48 55 44 50

We are one of the pre-eminent manufactures of VDI 40 Tool Holder which has been produced using sophisticated technology. For each tool holder inside the toll disc, a specially designed fast and accurate clamp changing system has been provided. Because of implementing traditional block system tool change can be carried out in fraction of second instead of minutes in this high-end tool holder. Being the leading fabricator of VDI 40 Tool Holder, our products consist of following features,

VDI tool holders have been formed using the DIN 69880. However, these VDI tool holders have been modified in to DIN ISO 10889, which is the modified version of the DIN 69880. Our Tool holders are made out of the hardened steel C-45 and 20MnCr5. We at Sphoorti, provides the quality supply that has hardened steel C-45 for the A, B, C, and D form, as well as the E1, E2, E7, E8 and Z categories. Our clients also order for the case hardened steel (20MnCr5) for the E4 and F forms.

The team of Sphoorti provides quality tool holders, which are completely black in colour; while, we also sell the Shank white and teeth white are offered depending upon the client’s requirements. And the tool holder (shank portion) is heat absorbent up to the 55±2 HRC.