Cutoff Tool Holder AR

VDI 30 tool holder

VDI 30 Tool Holder

Sphoorti is a leading manufacturer of all types of VDI tools such as VDI 30 Tool Holder, which is developed in our production unit through high-grade resources, which are delivered across all parts of India at a very affordable price. With the intention to make this tool holder, to work in a most speedy and easy way, as well as give accurate results, our talented researchers use customary square framework.

This kind of framework is probably needed in order to minimize the production time remarkably. Keeping in mind the DIN (69880) Standards as well as ISO (9001 – 2000) specifications, we at Sphoorti, take quality control measure, during the repetitive production process. Because of this technique, our manufacturers are able to develop more products in less span of time. So, we advise our customers to approach us for all your production needs, without any hesitation.

We work round the clock to assist you in getting your products, at a reasonable cost, along with the quality. Our skilled team uses both manual and advanced technology in developing the tools.

CODE d1 b1 b2 h1 h5 h6 l1 l2
AR20 26 20 60 30 26 28 36 44 50
AR25 26 25 60 30 26 28 36 44 50
AR30 26 30 70 35 26 32 39 44 50
AR30 32 30 70 35 32 32 39 44 50
AR40 26 40 85 42.5 26 43 41.5 44 50
AR40 32 40 85 42.5 32 43 41.5 44 50
AR50 26 50 100 50 26 43 45 44 50
AR50 32 50 100 50 32 43 45 44 50
AR60 26 60 125 62.5 26 48 55 44 50
AR60 32 60 125 62.5 32 48 55 44 50

Our Company has highly talented experts who use advanced technology during the production of the tool holder. Because of this advanced technology, our tool holder works in a faster and more accurate way, while changing the tools and turrets, and each work is done within no times. While, this type of high-end tool holder is planned to be given by a means of Cam-operated long durable clamping without getting affected by anytime of industrial problems.

VDI 30 Tool Holder is designed to provide impeccable and fast service for the attached devices to the turret plates and it also possesses the framework that demands very less upkeep. The circular notched (tool holder shank) best fits into any device pockets that has been attached to the instrument plate clipping component using a single torque to carry out the definite, secure and rigid locking of the tools holder.

While, a toughly notched wedge bolts the VDI 30 Tool Holder perfectly inside the relative position; and thereby, it is forcibly pulled over the turret surface taking all the safety measures; so that, it does not get damaged. It is said to be one among the best user-friendly devices from where changeover methods are applied during regular intervals. Because of such valuable reason, this excellent technology is used in order to make this technique, to work at a rapid speed, and then reduce the normal time taken to get better result. Besides this, our developed standard machine helps us to customize our service that must exactly meet your demand in a cost-efficient manner.