Mechanical Engineering being at the advanced scope since from recent years has evolved lot of modern technologies in the field of tools. For any mechanical production tools are reflected as the key products that play crucial role. At the end of the day if the industry is lacking to accommodate proper tool disc and tool holders then it may be overall loss for an industry. So in order to provide a sophisticated smooth operation of tools we at Sphoorti have developed complete template for handling tools.Recognized as an isolated and unique Tool Disc Manufacturers, Sphoorti leads in the manufacturing of tool discs. Not only for tool discs but it is also well known as reputed Live Tool Holder Manufacturers at Bangalore.


With accurate dimensions and features we develop our products to meet international standards. On comparing our products with international products you may find not much variation in the quality. Having such a strong and qualitative feature in our products we are serving wide variety of customers all over India. Today we have overridden many of our competitors by offering them with supremacy in our services. We have considered all the engineering parameters in our manufacturing process. Having superior level of knowledge about all type of lathe machines we configure our tool discs and tool holders to be correctly synchronized with the varying lathe machines.

By exactly matching the required strategies of the technicians our products have gained lot of demand in various parts of India. There are lot of benefits in using our products in comparison with other products. It is not the matter of boosting about our company and product rather we just wanted to help you to analyse properly about our company and to make correct decisions in choosing company to be served from.

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