Cutoff Tool Holder Manufacturers


CODE d1 b1 b2 h1 h5 h6 l1 l2
ARU25 26 25 60 30 26 36 28 44 50
ARU30 26 30 70 35 26 38 35 44 50
ARU30 32 30 70 35 32 38 35 44 50
ARU40 26 40 85 42.5 26 43 41.5 44 50
ARU40 32 40 85 42.5 32 43 41.5 44 50
ARU50 26 50 100 50 26 43 45 44 50
ARU50 32 50 100 50 32 43 45 44 50
ARU60 26 60 125 62.5 26 48 55 44 50
ARU60 32 60 125 62.5 32 48 55 44 50

Modern industrial processes rely on automation quite a lot because everybody wants the maximum work efficiency. Grinding, cutting, turning or fitting processes use modern tools that run on automated systems. Computer controlled, or pneumatic tools are quite common on the shop floor today. Among several types of tools, cutoff tools are used in cutting applications. A cutoff tool is designed for cutting wheels or grinding machines. It mounts on top of it and typically controlled by pneumatic systems. It is a portable and handheld device that makes the task quite simple. Electrical cutoff tools are also there. A good quality tool from standard Cutoff tool holder manufacturers gives lifelong service. There are well-known manufacturers and suppliers in India that can be contacted online for trade enquiries. Sphoorti has earned a good rapport in quite a short time with reliable and best-quality pneumatic tools.

It is quite a useful tool in the mechanical processes in a manufacturing unit. Most importantly, it can be used in scenarios where the use of saw or other tools is quite awkward and inconvenient. With a variety of sizes and configurations, the tool is handy and useful. Small, lightweight tools can be operated using one hand. The push button is quite smooth and easy because it is activated using levers. A few heavier models need to be held in both hands. Large-sized units have two handles so that there is a better control of the tool. Based on the configuration of the grinding wheel, cutoff tool can perform grinding and cutting operations of several types. Sphoorti brings a large spectrum of cutting tools for several industries. Excellent quality and great customer support make it one of the most-renowned Cutoff tool holder manufacturers in India.

Types of cutoff tool

  1. Straight: In this tool, the cutting wheel is mounted perpendicularly to the surface.
  2. Angled: In this tool, the cutting wheel is mounted in parallel to the surface using a spindle. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used for cutting as well as grinding applications.


When you order a good-quality cutting tool from renowned Cutoff tool holder manufacturers like Sphoorti, you can be rest assured about everlasting service. Since they are used in a variety of applications in a manufacturing environment, good quality is essential. The tool is useful in the light to heavy grinding and cutting applications. A few tools accept only cutting wheels, but versatile tools can have multiple types of wheels. Abrasive-composite types of wheels are quite common because they bring better efficiency and cutting edge. The grinding wheel has abrasive grinding surface that is similar to bench grinders.

In the context of lathe machines, a cutoff tool is used for something else. Typically, it is a device that separates the excess material on the lathe machine. It is true for metal as well as wooden lathes.

Cutoff tools make the grinding and cutting processes simple and fast. Modern age technology helps in reducing the unnecessary workload and manual activities.