Boring is one of the most frequent industrial processes. When a pre-created hole (or vent) is widened using a cutting tool, it is called boring. Generic purpose or universal machines can be used as boring tools. Higher perfection and correctness are two important parameters taken care of byBoring tool manufacturers. The level of precision determines the quality of the tool. Sphoorti is one of the leading companies that deliver high-quality engineering tools to several industries. Turning centres, machine centres,lathe mills, boring mills, and jig bores are a few examples of generic boring tools. Two categories of boringtools are there:

  • Horizontal boring mill: In this machine, the boring bar rotates around the horizontal axis that is fixed. The work piece is placed on the table or platform of the machine. It is used in the majority of applications.
  • Vertical boring mill: Here, the vertical axis is fixed, and the boring head movement is linear. The work piece has to rotate around the axis.

Lathe boring is a cutting process where the cutting tool widens the opening in a conical or cylindrical shape by moving in the parallel direction of the hole on a rotational axis. It is possible to create a variety of holes with a wide range of diameters. They can be of different complexity levels. It is incredibly important to rotate the work piece continuously for a uniform boring.When the work piece gets engaged by the cutting tool, the chip is formed. The type of chipping (continuous or segmented) depends on external parameters like the speed of feeding, type of material, etc. The precision and accuracy of the boring tool denotes the perfection of the output. Hence, it is recommended buying tools from reliable and well-known Boring tool manufacturers like Sphoorti. Types of bores

  • Straight bores: Straight bores are cylindrical in shape, and the diameter is the same a all points.
  • Tapered bores: They are angled bores where the taper is dependent on the angle of the axis and speed of boring. Axial motion and rotation are both important for the perfection of the taper.

Boring tool manufacturers also supply good quality holding devices that can keep the work piece at the right place. Four jaw chuck and three jay chuck are the most popular ones. Other than these two, collets and faceplates are also quite popular. Use of a particular holding device depends on the type of work. For example, a three-jaw chuck is excellent in holding round work pieces. Ordering boring tools and accessories from Sphoortiis a guarantee of excellent quality material. It is a reputed company that meets the highest quality standards and industrial norms. With a rich experience in the field of mechanical tools, it brings high-precision tools. The long list of clientele speaks about the quality of products. Use of the Internet makes the task of ordering world-class boringtools and accessories highly simple. Browse through the websites and find the best one of your choice.


  • Highest Tensile strength of 40Kgf/mm² and better impact properties.
  • Finish machined on Hi-Precision machining centers
  • Interchangeable tool holders. No need for in-line boring on machine.
  • Through coolant boring Tool Holders also available.
  • Suitable sleeves can be used in BTH for different tool sizes.
  • Inch series Boring Tool Holders are also available upon request.
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