Sphoorti will be participating in RMTS 2018 which is to be held from 28th Nov to 1st Dec 2018 in Rajkot.

15Oct 2018

In comparison to bar feeder, the bar puller is a cost-effective alternative to enable automated turning of small and medium batch sizes of CNC lathe. It saves sufficient time between bar changes and hence allows a single technician to handle multiple operations simultaneously without much strain. Sphoorti a leading machine tool manufacturing company provides prominent […]

15Oct 2018

VDI 40 Tool Holder The VDI 40 Tool Holder Systems is said to be a quick change secured systems that is good for each tool holder. This tool holder stays within the tool disc. VDI 40 Tool Holder System therefore, arranges the tool changing methodologies, which works much faster in just few minutes using the […]

15Oct 2018

Cutoff Tool Holder AlU Sphoorti feels proud to be a notified manufacturer and supplier of CNC Tool Holders. Wherein, these holders are manufactured with customer-oriented approach. We at Sphoorti, is a pioneer organization, who is engaged in manufacturing, as well as supplying and exporting a wide range of CNC products, which will undergo for the […]

15Oct 2018

Modern industrial processes rely on automation quite a lot because everybody wants the maximum work efficiency. Grinding, cutting, turning or fitting processes use modern tools that run on automated systems. Computer controlled, or pneumatic tools are quite common on the shop floor today. Among several types of tools, cutoff tools are used in cutting applications. […]

15Oct 2018

features Reduction sleeves are available to mount different sizes of tool shanks in BTH ( Boring Tool Holders). Available in Type 1, 2 and 3 as our standards. Reduction sleeves for VDI Tool Holder E1 & E2 Boring Bar Holders. Type 1 to clamp the tools within sleeves for smaller tool shanks. Type 2 to […]

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